ABC Good Morning America Goes Inside Disney's Animal Kingdom at Night

Posted by DisGear on Apr 20, 2016

Gorgeous day here. Great fans but I think Jesse might have a better deal. He sure does down at Disney world. Animal kingdom, the new attraction coming to parks this summer. Hey, Jesse. George, Lara, good morning, guys. I can't complain at all. We are having a blast here at Disney's animal kingdom and making a lot of new friend as long the way, as well including the karibu sisters. This is just one of the many new amazing experiences that fans will have interacting at all four Disney parks as they get set to awaken summer. The happiest place on Earth gets even happier this summer with brand-new spectacles and all new adventures. Oh, my god! The sun may be shying brightly but the dark side isn't far, far away. Let me see your identification. The captain will hear of. All I want to do is it get on the ride. I think I may have made a mistake. New "Star wars" experiences over at Hollywood studios including a chance to chat with this guy if you dare. The dark side calls you. Don't fight it. Making me uncomfortable and getting in my personal space. The summer heat turns downwrite frozen over at epcot. Olaf, where is Anna and Elsa? Okay, thanks. So I couldn't find them. But pretty soon you can climb on board the new frozen ever after attraction and meet Elsa and Anna and it will be open at night for the first time. Groups like my new friends, the soccer meerkats start the party. Hakuna matata. Reporter: And the whole park comes to life with new shows like the brand-new rivers of light. What are people going to see when this whole thing is put together. So much more excitement in this show. I mean there are floats. There are animal lanterns. There are moving barges. There are fountains. There's all kinds of special effects that are really going to make the show come to life in a much bigger way. Hippo. Reporter: The kilimanjaro safari which by day lets you experience the african Savannah takes on a new life after dark. Hippo and lions. That's lions. Wow. Those are hyenas. African painted dogs or african wild dogs. Critically endangered species. The coolest thing about the safari at night new ways the animals behave and also get to see the reserve in a whole new way. Reporter: Here at animal kingdom during the day the tree of life behind me captures everyone's attention. But at night, the fireflies come out and it is an entirely new spectacle. The tree of life really is an iconic centerpiece but you've taken it to an entirely new level. No one has gotten to see it by night and I think it's pretty magical. All these animals that are carved out of the trunk literally come alive and share their stories with us. Reporter: Their stories become our stories. As all these attractions open in the coming months. And, of course, the best thing about Disney's animal kingdom it's all the live animals you get to see, Patrick, Mindy, the animal keepers, Mindy, you brought friends with you. Who do you have. Our American alligator you can find in Florida and Patrick has our black throated monitor from Africa. I can't believe how little it is. Patrick, where could people come to see animals like this. You can find it at rafiki's planet watch where's celebrating our 20th anniversary. Remind again, difference between crocodiles and alligators. If you look at this guy, his top teeth are pointing down. On a crocodile you'll see top and bottom teeth. Hopefully never too close. Correct. Obviously. Use your binoculars. The monitor lizard is always flicking its tongue, why. Tasting the air around him. That's how he gets to know his environment and food. I love learning about animals and love being here. Mickey, what do you think about your new friends? We got two thumbs up, Lara. Tons of smiles. Still truly the happiest place on Earth. Let's go back to you in New York City. Thanks so much. Coming up here on "Good

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