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Hurricane Irma 2017 Prep Under Way At Walt Disney World

Posted by DisGear on Sep 08, 2017

Tonight while leaving EPCOT we saw the first signs of Hurricane Irma 2017 prep under way at Walt Disney World. Approximately 50 coach buses, which we expect are slated for hotel evacuation and several tree trimming/power pole repair trucks were present. As we were leaving we noticed more tree trimming and power pole repair trucks streaming in to the parking lot. We also noticed what seemed to be a similar activity on the old runway by Magic Kingdom. We are happy to know that such great plans are in the works to keep guests safe in the upcoming days. Hurricane...

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Disney World Parks To Close Early Saturday, Closed Sunday, and Monday

Posted by DisGear on Sep 08, 2017

The Walt Disney World Parks will be closing early Saturday and be closed through Monday. See the schedule below. Park Saturday Sunday Monday Magic Kingdom Closing at 9 PM Closed Closed EPCOT Closing at 9 PM No Illuminations Closed Closed Animal Kingdom Closing at 7 PM No Rivers of Light Closed Closed Hollywood Studios Closing at 7 PM No Fireworks or Fantasmic! Closed Closed Disney Springs Closing at 9 PM Closed Closed

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Disney Vetting New Names For Hollywood Studios #DXLSucks

Posted by DisGear on Aug 28, 2017

Just when you thought the name for Disney Hollywood Studios couldn't get any worse, the marketing wonders over at Disney are vetting some new names like Disney's XL Park. According to a survey posted by Disney, they are floating several name that in my opinion suck. Here's the list: Disney Kaleidoscope Park Disney Storyverse Park Disney Hyperia Park Disney Beyond Park Disney Cinemagic Park Disney XL Park Disney Cinemagine Park I am not sure who is thinking or not thinking over there, but there isn't a name in the bunch that I like better than Hollywood Studios. I much prefer...

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Disney To Remove Scene From Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride

Posted by DisGear on Aug 18, 2017

Due to recent racial tensions, Disney has announced that it will be replacing the auction scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in both parks. A Disney representative stated that the auction scene represented a dire time in our history and The Disney Company will have no part in promoting such tragedies.     They stated that the scene will be replaced with a canteen scene showing Jack Sparrow having a few pints with fellow pirates. No date has been set as to the change, but it is expected during the next ride renovation.   

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Walt Disney World Now Allows Guests To Bring Horses Into The Park

Posted by DisGear on Jul 13, 2017

According to a recent update in the Walt Disney World Resort Park Rules, Disney World is now permitting guests to bring horses into the park. Yes, you heard that right, you can now bring your horse with you to any Disney park. In addition, you can also bring your horse with you on rides where permitted. This makes me think “which rides could you safely bring a horse onto?” I guess she would feel at home on the Prince Charming Regal Carousel in the Magic Kingdom, but surely, she would not be excited to go on Space Mountain. And where...

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