Walt Disney World Now Allows Guests To Bring Horses Into The Park

Posted by DisGear on Jul 13, 2017

According to a recent update in the Walt Disney World Resort Park Rules, Disney World is now permitting guests to bring horses into the park. Yes, you heard that right, you can now bring your horse with you to any Disney park. In addition, you can also bring your horse with you on rides where permitted.

Disney World Horse Rules

This makes me think “which rides could you safely bring a horse onto?” I guess she would feel at home on the Prince Charming Regal Carousel in the Magic Kingdom, but surely, she would not be excited to go on Space Mountain. And where exactly do you take your horse to do its business? What happens if she does her business in the middle of a store. Can you bring your horse into your resort hotel? So many questions come to mind that bringing a horse to Disney not only brings its own set of challenges, but seems to be something that could potentially be a safety hazard to both other guests as well as the horse itself.

Diving a little deeper into the Park Rules, it further clarifies that you can bring Service Animals that are not just horses, but Miniature Horses. Miniature Horses range in size, but are normally around the size of a German Sheppard. Many people keep miniature horses as house pets as they can be house trained and do not grow to be very large.

According to The Guide Horse Foundation, miniature horses makes excellent service animals for the blind. They are not only great for those with a love for horses, they also can help those who have a phobia or an allergy to dogs. With their natural ability to guide others, they tend to perform better than dogs. With a shortage and high cost of training guide dogs, Miniature Guide Horses are a welcome addition to the Service Animal family.

Miniature Guide Horse

So, the next time you are out at one of the parks, don’t be shocked to see a small horse leading someone around. And most importantly, this horse in working, so like any other service animals, do not let your kids go up and pet the horse.

To learn more about Miniature Guide Horses, visit The Guide Horse Foundation’s website at www.guidehorse.com.

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